Harken Tight Radius System (TR31)

Harken Tight Radius System (TR31)
Work Securely & Safely

The Tight Radius rail-and-trolley system is designed for use as an adjustable anchorage point for fall restraint on marine vessels.

Rails are composed of straight, curved, and 200 mm radiused bends that change direction in both horizontal and vertical planes, allowing trolleys to run exceptionally smoothly around very tight radii and joints.

The system is certified to EN795.2012 B/D

How does it work?

The TR31 continuous rail and trolley system allows a fully-harnessed crew member, safely tethered to the trolley, to move freely along the rail during inspection and maintenance, or when assisting in pilot transfer.

Rails can be either surface or stanchion mounted and are designed so the user never has to unhook and rehook the tether as he moves around the deck.

Trolley Design

  • Strong: tested to 1200 kg (2645 lb ) 2 x MCA requirements

  • Compact: minimum intrusion on narrow deck and restricted work areas

  • Multidirectional load bearings

  • Anodized for maximum corrosion resistance


  • Trolleys and rail are available in black or clear-anodized finishes for maximum corrosion protection.

    Brake Trolley Design

  • Screwpin on trolley keeps it in position when not in use

    Rail Design

  • Vertical and horizontal operating planes

  • 1.5 m unsupported span

  • High-strength, marine grade 6061-T6 aluminum rail

  • Anodized for maximum protection

  • Counter sunk M8 fasteners for flush fitting

    Delrin Roller Bearings

  • No lubrication required

  • Low friction

  • Smooth movement

  • Roller fully supported on both ends