Forespar Small Boat Spinnake Pole Kits

Forespar Small Boat Spinnake Pole Kits
Our standard spinnaker poles have a double bridle topping lift/foreguy system. Unless otherwise specified, all standard poles are supplied with the throat (jaw) facing upward.

  • Each kit includes anodized aluminum tubing.

  • One end is loose so you can cut tubing to desired over-all length and then fasten end fitting with epoxy supplied.

  • Less than 10 minutes to complete.

  • Mini 6'/7' kits include nylon latching end fittings, nylon lanyard, pad eye and epoxy kit.

  • Fresh Water Rinse

  • Forespar Dinghy Spinnaker Pole - 1" Dia. x 6'
    Regular Price: $141.45
    Our Price: $113.16
    Forespar Dinghy Spinnaker Pole - 1 1/4" Dia. x 7'
    Regular Price: $156.95
    Our Price: $125.56