OtterBox Commuter Series f/HTC EVO 4G LTE - Pink/White

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Product Description

OtterBox Commuter Series f/HTC EVO 4G LTE - Pink/White

Premium Mobile Experience It's the HTC EVO. But better than ever. As if its amazing camera, premium design and astounding HD experience weren't enough, it also has Beats Audio built in. Add the latest version of HTC Sense and you'll fall in love with the HTC EVO all over again. Sprint's EVO-loving customers have come to rely on OtterBox to provide premium protective solutions for this popular device. And that expectation is answered again for the newest EVO

Premium Protection When OtterBox decides to make a case for a device you know it's going to be a big seller. Plus the EVO has already proven itself highly popular with Sprint customers. OtterBox's focus on device-specific design ensures high satisfaction and low return rates. On the occasion when support is needed, OtterBox's world-class customer service will make sure every customer's situation is resolved quickly and positively. OtterBox protective cases for the HTC EVO 4G LTE will ensure Sprint customers have outstanding protection for their favorite device.

  • SCREEN PROTECTION: Built-in screen protector prevents scratches
  • OUTER LAYER: Durable silicone absorbs bump and shock
  • INNER LAYER: Polycarbonate shell provides solid impact protection
  • Memory foam pads cradle the device inside the case and provide additional shock absorption
  • HOLSTER: Belt clip that doubles as a media viewing stand