Ronstan Series 40 Single Upright Lead

Ronstan Series 40 Single Upright Lead
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Product Description

Ronstan Series 40 Single Upright Lead


  • Exceptionally high working loads

  • Lightweight

  • Cheek cut-outs for easy bearing maintenance

  • Suitable for both wire or rope

  • Sheave 1 9/16 in.

  • Max. Rope Ų - 3/8 in.

  • Max. Cable Ų - -

  • M.W.L. 770 lb

  • B.L. 2200 lb

  • Weight - 2.1 oz.

    Product Information

    Ideal for high load applications. Wear resistant sheave material, in lightweight, self lubricating polymer, is suitable for use with rope or wire.Precision moulded Acetal sheaves running on Acetal or Torlon® ball bearings provide high performance & low friction. The 2-stage ball bearing system provides consistent performance over the full load range.


  • Mainsheet

  • Halyard

  • Vang

  • Spinnaker control lines on off-the-beach catamarans, one design classes and sports boats up to 8m 926 ft)


  • Acetal ball bearings

  • UV stabilized Acetal sheave

  • Grade 316 stainless steel load strap and head fitting