Ronstan Series 42 Adjustable Stop

Ronstan Series 42 Adjustable Stop
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Product Description

Ronstan Series 42 Adjustable Stop


  • Lock up or down plunger

    Length - 3 3/8 in.

    Width - 2 15/16 in.

    Weight - 13.8 oz.

    Product Information

    Plunger stops can be locked in the 'up' position, and installation and removal from tracks is fast and simple. Adjustable stop can be used as a backup to lock a car in position.


  • Genoa sheet systems on boats to 25m (82ft)

  • Mainsheet systems on boats to 24m (78ft)

  • Multihull mainsheet systems on boats to 19m (62ft)

  • Self tacking jib systems on boats to 20m (65ft)


  • Alloy body

  • Acetal sliderods

  • Rubber buffer

  • Grade 316 stainless steel fittings