Ronstan Single Snatch Block w/ Trunnion Head

Ronstan Single Snatch Block w/ Trunnion Head
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Product Description

Ronstan Single Snatch Block w/ Trunnion Head


  • High strength

  • Secure latch mechanism

  • Soft resilient cheeks

    Sheave - 3 1/8 in.

    Max. Rope - 3/4 in.

    Max. Cable - in

    Pin - in.

    M.W.L. - 6610 lb.

    B. L. - 13230 lb.

    Weight - 52.2 oz.

    Product Information

    Grade 316 stainless steel sheaves running on needle roller bearings deliver low friction performance and a long service life. An extra wide stainless steel frame extends to the full diameter of the sheave to prevent lines from becoming jammed between the sheave and cheeks. Sheaves are removable for easy maintenance and can be used with rope or wire. Trunnion snap shackles are standard for maximum articulation. An attachment point is provided for a shock cord retainer to hang the block from the lifelines.

    Trunnion snap shackle provides the same swivel action and offers additional articulation from side to side.


  • Removable spinnaker sheet deflector blocks for boats up to 13m (43ft)

  • Temporary sheeting point while changing sheets for boats up to 13m (43ft)

  • Temporary reefing block for boats up to 13m (43ft)

  • Spare or replacement block for general use on larger boats depending on line angle and load

  • Temporary outboard sheet lead for headsail trimming


  • Grade 316 Stainless Steel frame, load strap sheave and needle roller bearings

  • Soft, thermoplastic rubber cheeks

  • Investment cast Grade 15-5PH Stainless Steel snap shackle